Why bother asking?!

There’s a cash machine right out the front of where I work. Occasionally, I use it to get cash out. It presents me with about 6 options, 3 of which I’d like to talk about.

1. Cash and Balance.

2. Check Balance.

3. Cash.

Now, I’ll often go for option 3, since that is the fastest route to getting cash. The option simply labelled… “Cash”. However, upon pressing 3, it asks me… “Would you like to check your balance?”. NO! I fucking wouldn’t! If I did, I’d have pressed 1 or 2! Sadly, there is no button for that response. Incidentally, if you press 1, it shows you your balance, and then asks you how much you want, on the same screen. If you press 2, it shows you your balance, and then asks you if you want any cash. So, to summarise…

Option 1) 1 screen before getting cash.

Option 2) 2 screens before getting cash.

Option 3) 2 screens before getting cash.

The option that suggests the most screens is the one with the fewest between you and getting cash! Essentially they’re all the same option, it’s so fucking stupid.

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