Church Of RNGesus.

With Rise of Iron only 37 days away, I’ve decided now is the best time to start trying to increase my favour with everyone’s favourite overlord, RNGesus. Now, 2 things you should know about RNGesus. 1) He hates you. 2) He really hates you.

For those of you who are thinking “What the fuck are you talking about?”, RNGesus is the deity responsible for loot drops in games. He’s the grandaddy of what weapons you get when what weapon you get is left up to luck. Let me explain! Games such as Destiny have items found in game that turn into weapons or armour etc. These are left to random chance, so when trying to collect all the exotic weapons, you’re essentially relying on the roll of a dice. The basic form of it working would be like this. You find an item, and you take the item to open it. The moment you open it, all the exotic weapons are given a number between 1 and however many there are. Then, a dice is rolled. Whatever number you get, that’s what weapon you get. A more complicated version of it would be to start explaining that certain weapons are weighted and therefore there number is purposefully made less likely to come up. As you’re leaving this to what is known as a ‘Random Number Generator’, or RNG, people started using RNGesus as the deity that controls it. Be nice to him, he’ll get you the guns you want!

P.S. I love you, RNGesus. x

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