Midnight Music. 32.

Midnight Music is a daily post of a song that happens at midnight. It couldn’t be simpler. Today’s song is…. wait. I don’t usually offer up any comments on these but for this song, I must. The Pixies have been a part of my life for… 28 years now. 1988, Surfer Rosa, an album that sounds like it could have been released last week, no matter what the date is, is still one of the greatest debut albums by anyone, ever. Where Is My Mind was the first song I heard from it. I was 7. Keep in mind that everything I’d heard up to this point was stuff my mum or dad listened to, as well as my brother and sister. Wet Wet Wet, The Beatles, Lionel Richie and Depeche Mode. Mindfuck! Still one of the finest songs I think anyone has ever produced.

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