I don’t owe you an apology.

What I am about to post below is an old draft of a blog entry that I started over 2 years ago, and, for some reason never finished and it got forgotten about. I haven’t edited it, I have simply posted it now as it was left all them years ago!

You may have noticed that I like to correct people on Facebook or Twitter when I see them making spelling mistakes, or using incorrect grammar. You may also have noticed that it seems to annoy people.

The most common retorts I receive are:

“It’s only Facebook.” or “I don’t care.”.

Sorry, hang on.

“its only facebook” or “i dont care”.

That’s more accurate.

Let me try and explain why neither of these should ever be things you say. At least not to me. Education is something that should be cherished and yearned for. I don’t claim to be some form of grammar guru, and I don’t even think I adhere to a high enough standard. The difference is, I want to. I want to get better at it. I want to learn all about it. Constantly writing the way people do when they have shitty grammar doesn’t help you get any better at it. Being better at it helps others people get better at it as they’re exposed to it more often. The only way to raise the overall standard, is to expect more from people and demand it from them. We shouldn’t be appeasing the lowest common denominator.

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