Well themed.

I’ve been messing around with the site theme for a while now, you may have noticed it’s changed many times over the last few weeks, you probably didn’t. I’ve settled on this theme now. I refuse to promise not to change it again in 8 minutes, but let’s see what happens. I have a few in the canon now that I like, so may just change it occasionally to not let it get stale.

Eagle eye readers will have noticed that the image at the top of this post is The Doves. Well done if you did. They’re there because I was listening to ‘A House’ when I started writing. I’ll post the song below. It’s hard to believe that they used to be Sub Sub. They lost all their stuff when their studio/warehouse caught fire and so reformed as The Doves. A new sound and direction and the rest is history. Great band. I’ll throw you in a little Black and White Town as well, since it’s so fucking good.

Speaking of music. I need to go back and add in the last three of the songs in the Top 40 so far. I was unable to finish that post due to a cataclysmic fuck up on the part of my computer. It decided it wanted to shut down in 5 minutes and nothing I could do could convince it otherwise. All the usual tricks didn’t work and I was left with a computer that was determined to update itself despite my reservations. So, I decided just to knock the whole thing on the head and go to bed since it was 1:15am.

Because I’d searched for The Doves on my iTunes then, it stopped playing after the specific song I’d looked for and left me in silence. I was not happy. I usually have iTunes on constant shuffle and so don’t have to think about what I want to listen to. Sometimes I have a moment of pure clarity and think about exactly what I want to hear, and so I put it on, whilst staying in the shuffle. If I could out of that, and then a song finishes and leaves me in silence, I’m forced to think of what I want to listen to at that exact moment. I don’t like being put in that position. It’s like Sophie’s Choice. Only with less Nazi’s.

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