How’s the music chart looking?

It’s almost the end of the first quarter of 2016. Thought I’d take a look at how my Top 40 listened to songs is looking. I don’t feel like giving it the same amount of effort though, so I’m just gonna do a quick run down of ten new entries that have breached the wall of the top 40, but without any details, so no play counts!

10. Public Enemy – It’s Harder Than You Think.

Public Enemy played a show near my home town a year or two ago, and I didn’t go. This is one of the many reasons I’m a complete fuckwit. Not sure I’ll ever get over it, actually.

Whilst I’m talking about this song I’ve just remembered that they used it for the Paralympics. One of the finest pieces of advert making ever. Let me see if I can find it.

Woo. They won’t let me embed it though. Inspirational.

9: Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman – Promontory.

Now, if you’re familiar with the film Last of The Mohicans, then you’ll probably already know this. It’s played over the ending segment of the film, which in my (FACT) opinion, is one of the finest ends to a movie ever made. If you’ve never seen the film, sort your life out. It’s directed by Michael Mann, you know, who directed Heat, Manhunter and Collateral, like my endorsement isn’t enough!

That’s the main track, and the variant that is used over the closing credits. I’m too good to you people. In many ways, my love of it is tied to visualising how the film ends. I also love how it builds, until it reaches it’s breaking point. Exceptional.

8: Blackalicious – Alphabet Aerobics.

I’ve been trying to memorise it, lol. There isn’t really much else to add. You’ve heard it, you know it’s good.

I’m fine up until F and then my brain melts.

7: The Flying Neutrinos – Mr Zoot Suit.

I don’t talk much about my love of swing music. It’s super fine and I maybe see it as my little secret. It’s fucking genius though. Not many people still do it well. I think the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies are at the top of the pile that I enjoy. This song is a mainstay though. It was just outside the top 40 last year.

For those of you know your films, yes, this was used in Blast From The Past (1999).

6: Skunk Anansie – King Psychotic Size.

Amazingly this was never an album track. Skunk Anansie were so good that even their single b-sides were fantastic. Still one of my fave ever bands and one I always recommend to people if they ask me for something to listen to. Skin’s voice is just raw, beautiful power. Also, this is the greatest song ever if you want to do some fucking air drumming.

I think someone’s stuck the song over other footage. I don’t remember it having a video, because it was a b-side.

5: The Prodigy – Breathe.

Fat Of The Land is still an amazing album. Go get it and listen to it! I listened to it to death when it came out and still occasionally dip into it. Breathe will always be one of my fave Prodigy tracks.


4: Weezer – Beverly Hills.

I do love me some Weezer.

You can see why.

I shall finish this later! Technical problems are rearing their ugly head.

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