2015 Top 40, Part 3.

Let’s get on with it, cunts!

20: Phil Collins – I Don’t Care Anymore. (351 Plays)

The first of two Phil songs to make the list. The other will be along in a few. This is a song with an amazing purpose and it’s largely down to two factors that have made me listen to this so much last year. The last two years, in fact, have seen a surge in this songs figures. Firstly, it was featured on the soundtrack to GTA V. The GTA franchise has helped many songs improve their fame in kids and adults alike. Their inclusion on the soundtracks almost seems like a seal of approval nowadays. Secondly, my friend Garry would often message me asking me something, or talking about his ex-girlfriend. Almost 100% of my responses were simply links to this song.

Incidentally, the album, Hello, I Must Be Going, is pretty good. I have it on vinyl. Yeah, I’m a Phil Collins fan…

Electric heater…



19: M.Craft – Dragonfly. (358 Plays)

A long serving fave of mine. Can’t really fault this song at all. It’s sublime. The man himself is very interesting also. It was, as far as I know, first released about 12 years ago on an EP called “I Can See It All Tonight”, a line from the track itself. It doesn’t seem like it was that long since I first heard it. :/

Here’s a picture of a dragonfly. Literal.

18: Daft Punk – Face To Face. (373 Plays)

In my opinion, Discovery is one of the finest albums ever created. It’s perfect in every way. Even having a full length music video to go with it. It doesn’t get much better. By the way, when I say “In my opinion” what I mean is, “It’s actual hard fact”. Whilst it’s generally known for its bigger hits, Discovery also contained Face To Face. One of the best examples of electro-pop I’ve ever heard. It’s slick, well written, beautifully sung with just the right amount of editing. It’s. Just. Perfect.

Enjoy the Face to Face section of Interstellar 5555. (There is a song on Discovery I like more, by the way)

17: Phil Collins – Take Me Home. (374 Plays)

Phil, you hero. So Phil is back and he would like you to take him home. Awful video, mainly flamed by the fact that he can’t lip sync with any sense of real emotion what so ever. I’m willing to overlook that though. You know why? Because he’s Phil Mother Fucking Collins.

See. Awful. And with a stupid joke at the end. Like it wasn’t shit enough to begin with, so they throw that on at the end to make you really hate it.

16: Daft Punk – Lose Yourself To Dance. (375 Plays)

Nothing makes me much happier than a well placed, well played riff. This song is funk at it’s finest. I can’t get enough of that simple hook that runs through the center of this. Add a smooth beat, Pharrell’s vocals and you’ve got an amazing song. But Chris, is Get Lucky on the list? Go eat a bag of dicks, you cunt. (It was 53rd).

Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. By the way, if you write cool with anymore or fewer Os than that, you kill a fairy. Or someone who’s masturbating. I can’t remember.

15: George Michael – Careless Whisper. (389 Plays)

I’m a sucker for a power ballad and this is a shining star, high up the power ballad tree. I know, I’ve no idea what I’m saying either. If there was such a tree, it’d be called ‘Kayleigh’, it would sit ‘Alone’ in a field somewhere and occasionally it’d constantly tell you that all it wanted to do was make love to you. Don’t fall for it though, it’s just because it’s tree-y husband can’t get it up. Follow all that? Well done. If you didn’t, turn around, bright eyes, and go away.

Win. The only thing upsetting about the video, well two things, are… 1. I couldn’t pull off those shorts. Not literally. 2. It’s the single edit of the song. The album version is about 90 seconds longer. And subsequently better.

14: The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face. (402 Plays)

A band that clearly thought that 3 Es was one too many. This is a great piece of pop. Instantly likable, smooth and funky. It’s an impressive slice of music. The video is also good. It’s the whole package. To be fair, I didn’t take to their other stuff as quickly as I did this, the other tracks felt less refined.

I’ve nothing else to add about this.

13: Michael Jackson – Human Nature. (409 Plays)

Human Nature is a classic. Weirdly I never seem to see it high up any lists of best songs, even if it’s only a list of the best Michael Jackson songs. From one of the finest albums ever produced, Thriller, it was released in 1982 as part of the album, and then as a single the year after. It performed well, yet has been seemingly forgotten. I think it’s amazing, anyway.

I’m fairly sure I’ve seen a video for it at some point, but it’s slim pickings on YouTube for Jacko stuff.

12: Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face. (411 Plays)

I could quite happily listen to this all the time. I love it. It’s not hugely typical of Billy Idol’s usual sound, but when you go back and listen to his stuff, he was more versatile than you’d think. I don’t know much about the song, but I do know that shooting the video the contacts they’d put in fused with his eyeballs because of the heat of the studio it was filmed in. That knowledge has finally come in handy! I’ve always liked his voice, it’s lovely.

I think it’s a pretty decent video actually, even though I also think it’s stupid. It takes an impressive director to make me think both of those at the same time. Incidentally, it might have been filmed near some fishermen. That would explain his top lip.

11: Hall & Oates – Out Of Touch. (415 Plays)

It’s been an odd year, alright, so stop judging me. I think this song is about as good as pop gets. Sadly the video is one of those that messes with the track a bit. Once it gets going it’s fine, but I do hate it when they do that. It serves no real purpose besides pissing me off.

You may have noticed that there have been very few songs from the actual year of 2015. I’m not convinced it was a great year for music to be honest. Anyway, towards the top 10 we canter.

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