2015 Top 40, Part 1.

Hello! Welcome to the top 40 songs I have listened to the most in 2015. It’s as simple as that. To qualify, all a song has to have done is exist and have been listened to by me. My iTunes and my iPod both track what I listen to and keep a tally. I’m now going to cast these songs upon you and let you wallow in their (sometimes) brilliance.

We’ll start with 40 – 31.

40: Adele – When We Were Young. (112 Plays)

The first of a couple of Adele’s new tracks to make the list. The album came out on November 20th and has already racked up an impressive amount of listens on my list. Remedy was very close to making the list as well with 104 plays, but 112 was apparently the cut off point for the top 40.

Here she is belting it out live at The Church Studios. Fantastic.

39: Becky G – Shower. (134 Plays)

I’m a firm believer that you should never be ashamed of your music taste. Listen to whatever the fuck you want and tell anyone that mocks you for it to go fuck an electric heater in the shower. Speaking of showers, here is Becky G. This is from back in April, 2014. I heard it for the first time on August 2nd, 2015. I’m able to tell you that as it was Felix’s birthday and I was in Glasgow. Specifically in H&M. I found out what it was using Shazam. It’s hugely likable, and very catchy. I’m a pop fan. Go fuck an electric heater in the…

I feel I’ve made my point. The video is utter shit, although it does seem to suggest that Becky G is a never-nude. I wonder if she teleconferenced in to the convention?

38: Paul Simon – Hearts and Bones. (135 Plays)

Sadly I don’t have my lists from the last couple of years, but I remember this being on both of them. It’s an all time fave of mine. It’s perfection in song form. Whenever I have to get on a train to go anywhere, or long distance in a car, this goes on, my head against the window and I just stare off into nothing. It’s PERFECT.

Side one, track two, from Paul Simon’s album of the same name, it was released in 1983. My dad was a fan and remember hearing it all the time growing up. As I’ve mentioned many times before, my family have been instrumental in shaping my music taste. I’m a sponge when it comes to music. I just soak it all up.

37: Regina Spektor – Us. (189 Plays)

Released in 2004, the album Soviet Kitsch was the original birth place of Us. It didn’t get released as a single until 2006 when it appeared on Mary Ann Meets The Gravediggers. It’s strange that this took place since Us is easily one of Regina Spektor’s defining moments. I love everything about her, and she’s now long been a fave of mine. This song has been in my chart every year since I first heard it from what I remember, and I’m fairly sure it topped it back in 2006/7. A proper staple of my iPod. Enjoy…

A great video as well. If you’re looking for more Regina, which you should be, may I suggest trying “Samson”, “Love Affair” and “Uh-Merica” to really get a grip of what she’s about!

36: Adele – Hello. (203 Plays)

I’m an Adele fan. Hello really blew me away. It’s not the most amazing song ever, but I love her voice on it. I love her voice on most things to be fair. Hello was the obvious choice to lead off the new album as well. It basically begs to, with its opening lyric of “Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet”. A brilliant way to return to where she belongs. The top.

Skip to about 1 minute in if you just want to hear the song. Good video. Works well.

35: Kavinsky – Nightcall. (209 Plays)

I first heard Kavinsky’s Nightcall when I watched the film Drive a couple of years ago. After watching it I immediately downloaded the soundtrack, which is incredible and Kavinsky’s own album, ‘Out Run’, named after the classic Sega racing game. Both are worth a look. Kavinsky himself is French, which to me was completely obvious since he’s clearly taken influence from the legends that are Daft Punk, as well as M83, another fave of mine. Both are French.

The video I chose here is a fan made one. There is, as far as I know, no official video for the track other than ones that just feature the logo to the film. It’s a damn fine slice of electro-pop, one of my fave genres, and the song does an amazing job of bridging the juxtaposition of the electronic voice on the verses to the more classic pop voice on the chorus.

34: Eva Cassidy – Autumn Leaves. (211 Plays)

Something that a lot of people don’t realise is that this song was first written in 1945, and it was written in French. It wasn’t until 1947 that it was translated into English and released that way. It’s been covered more times than most people can count. The best version, in my opinion (which is FACT), belongs to Eva Cassidy. No human should be allowed to produce such a beautiful noise when they open their mouth, but Eva was blessed. Truly one of the greatest voices I think I’ll ever have the pleasure of hearing, it was heartbreaking when she died in 1996, just 10 months after this recording, and only 6 months after the release of the album. She would never know how loved she became.

Effortless perfection. There isn’t much that’s as beautiful as this.

33: Bastille – Pompeii. (213 Plays)

Pompeii was, I think quite unusually, the fourth single to be taken from their debut Bad Blood (Great album). The reason I find it unusual is that the track itself smacks of debut single. It’s probably the finest track on there. Maybe they were worried about declining chart positions, who could know. Then again, they released like 6 singles from that album, which is a lot. Hmm. Anyway, enjoy, they’ll be back later in the chart.

Good video. Does the job well. I could, at this point, go on a huge rant about the value of a good music video and how it’s been lost in recent years, but I won’t. If you want the live show, ask me in person. I did an hour long presentation on music videos at college for my communications module and racked up, an apparent record, 34 or so ‘fucks’ and ‘motherfuckers’. I didn’t get penalised as ‘they fit the tone’. I liked my tutor. I dedicate this one to you, Evelyn.

32: Lady Gaga – Do What U Want (239 Plays)

I mainly put my liking of this down to that amazingly good electro-beat that pulses throughout and shines over the opening 30 seconds or so. I can find something I love in almost any song, ever. This is why I’m such a huge music fan. There’s no bad to be had. Anyway, the rest of the song is also great. Her vocal prowess, the fact R Kelly shows up, which is always special. Don’t know where he’d been for so long, maybe he was trapped in…. nah, too easy. Like him or hate him, he can still bring what’s needed to any featuring role. (I’m a fan to be honest).

Here’s a clip. If we ever get the full version of the supposedly banned video, I’ll eat my own face off.

31: Emelie Sande – Read All About It (Part III). (245 Plays)

A fave of mine for the past few years. Don’t confuse it with the opening act of the song that was released by Professor Green and Emelie Sande, which credited Emelie with her first UK number one single. This is third part taken straight from the album, Our Version of Events, the title of which is lifted from the lyrics to the song. She’s incredible live, as well. I think this was debuted at the 2012 closing ceremony for the Olympics. That’s the first time I’d heard it anyway.

Good lyrics. She’s very talented.

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