Holy fuckballs, I’m bored.

Sat in a bar, waiting for someone to show up, no internet access what so ever. It’s a recipe for severe boredom if ever I heard one. It does however give me chance to test out this WordPress Android app. Seems fine so far except it has no spell or grammar check at all it would seem. Normally I don’t really need a spell checker but since I’m using this tiny little bluetooth keyboard, it would be nice. I type faster than it normally would allow so I have to keep going back and correct stuff but I’m not noticing all the mistakes it makes. THAT’S RIGHT! IT MAKES! I don’t make msitakes. See what I did there, that was an amazing joke.

In an effort to reduce the boredom I’m managed to move to a table at the other side of the bar that at least gives my phone some signal which I can use to access the internet on my tablet. Hooray for BBC News. Actually, wish I hadn’t bothered since I’ve just read another MMR story. PARENTS AGAIN. I can’t be bothered relaying the story but essentially parents aren’t giving their kids the MMR vaccines because of a study THAT WAS DISPROVED AGES-A-FUCKING-GO that said they might cause Autism. They don’t. Now they’re wondering why there is a measles epidemic. It’s because you’re all fucking morons. That’s why.

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