Selfies. Like them or hate them, they’re not going anywhere. Nor, for that matter, did they appear from anywhere like people seem to think they did. People have always taken pictures of themselves, it’s nothing new. You just used to have to hold your old 35mm camera at arms length and hope it was pointing your direction, then, 2 weeks later when you got your pictures back, you’d find out you’d fucked it up.

It’s only since the advent of front facing cameras that they have garnered the term ‘Selfie’. The problem with Selfies is that people don’t seem to know how to use them, or in some cases, what the word even means. A photo is a selfie if the photo is of yourself, and was taken by yourself, hence, Selfie. If someone else takes a picture of you, even if it is of you, it is not a Selfie, you didn’t take it.

Now we’ve got that cleared up, let’s look at cases when to, and when not to use a Selfie. I see people all the time, posting stuff on Twitter where they comment on something and post a Selfie.

For example:

“It’s really sunny today!” – Brilliant, I’m sure it is, but a picture of your face adds nothing to what you’re saying. Maybe a picture showing the fact it’s sunny!

“Just eaten the best pizza, ever” – Congrats, but a picture of your face isn’t needed. Maybe a picture showing the pizza!

“I love my son so much, Happy Birthday, little dude!” – These are the worst. I love my son, but apparently not enough to take a picture of him.

The point is to show your face when what you are posting is about your face. If it’s sunny, and you’re really hot, and you want to show how hot your face is… SELFIE! Just got a new haircut and want to post about it… SELFIE! You get the idea. Stop fucking it up.

Chris Selfie

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