A Day Out

Went around Grizedale Forrest on Segways today. It was honestly a lot more fun than I expected and than it sounds. There’s not a great deal else to say about it, but here are a couple of pics. One of all of us that the instructor took, and one that I took myself! 

On My Way Home.

Just a few pics I snapped on my way home this evening!            

Other Honeymoon Pics.

A few pics I dug up from the Honeymoon folder that I’d never bothered to even put on the blog. Shall set about editing them for your viewing pleasure.

Honeymoon Edits.

So, whilst I’ve not been able to sleep each night, I’ve taken it upon myself to edit our honeymoon photos on my iPod. It’s been fun and helped me get to sleep. All have been edited using a few different apps such as Instagram and Camera+. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Website update and photography.

The photo uploader is finally working correctly! Huzzah. It even means people can leave comments on individual pictures and stuff. So, if you see a picture I’ve posted, as long as it links to a bigger version, and you want to say something about it, now you can. Also, I’ve managed to find, from various…