Sweet fucking Jesus.

It’s been almost a month since I last posted. Last month was the busiest in the site’s history (This version of the site anyway. There was a busier month once, Ahhh, them were the days.) Anyway, it’s been ages since my last post and I thought I should throw something up. Word vomit, basically. How’s…

Bum Fun.

No, I don’t mean bum fun… I mean Assassin’s Creed. In case you were pondering making a purchase of the latest Ass Creed, you’re maybe still sat on the fence, or more likely crouched on it waiting to stab some cunt in the neck, then let me tell you that you should totally buy it….


Yeah, that’s right. I passed 300k Gamerscore last night. 😀 In other news, I started writing a post the other day about music. I forgot to finish it, so I might do that today!

XBox One Stats

37823 Gamerscore. 1621 Achievements. 93 Games. 7 Games Completed 100%.


A new year, and a new effort to update. Haha. Sure, like I’ll stick to that. Whilst I’m here I may as well give it a go though. You may have noticed that I’m not on Facebook anymore. A few did, most have yet to realise. Which, to be honest, was part of the problem….


Is the biggest waste of time and money anyone has ever produced. It’s shit.

Quarter of a million!

Finally hit my target! 12,083 achievements later and I’ve hit quarter of a million Gamerscore. Huzzah.

Average or awful, which is it?!

I was on x360a.org the other evening when I came across their review for Dead Island: Riptide. Generally speaking, if you enjoyed the first Dead Island, you’ll get enough fun out of Riptide to make it worth your time. As I was scrolling through the review it was clear that the reviewer didn’t really like…

8 seconds of mental.

So, I was just playing Dead Island Riptide when I got attacked by a silly ammount of zombies. 8 seconds of pure frenzy with a meat cleaver later, and, well, see for yourself.

Snobbery in Gaming.

I was reading some news on the popular XBox website “x360a.org” the other day when I came across an article about the new Zombie map for the latest Call of Duty incarnation, Black Ops 2. Whilst scrolling through the many comments I came across this one. It was preceeded, as usual by many versions of…