2016 Top 40, Part 4.

10: Robyn – Dancing On My Own. (572 Plays, New Entry) This seems to happen every year where a slightly more unlikely pop song seems to breach the top 40. This year I guess it’s the turn of Robyn. Been a fan for a while of hers, ever since ‘Show Me Love’ in the 90s….

2016 Top 40, Part 3.

20: Bruce Springsteen – Streets Of Philadelphia (452 Plays, New Entry) Another song that was just beyond the top 40 last year, and another song that’s in my top 5 all time songs. Streets of Philadelphia is one of the few songs that can make me cry every time I hear it. I have to…

2016 Top 40, Part 2.

30: Weezer – Say It Ain’t So. (299 Plays, New Entry) At 30 we have Weezer just missing out on 300 plays. Say It Ain’t So is a staple of my life, I love it. It’s just one of the coolest songs of all time. That’s how I feel about Weezer in general, though. Too…

2016 Top 40, Part 1.

Time for this years Top 40 listened to songs! 40 – 31 coming up! 40: Sia – Elastic Heart. (187 Plays, ↓ 38 places since last year) So, last years number 2 has fallen 38 places down to number 40! This is probably a good time to tell you that last years number 1 has…

Connected Playlist.

Thought I’d sling together a mix of songs. They’re all songs I’ve listened to tonight, but they do have a stronger connection than that. See if you can spot it! Also, there’s an odd one out! It’s dead easy, but good luck!

I Miss That Sound.

That early 2000s sound. Bands like Sum 41, The Academy Is, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco etc. For me, they kinda summed up 2000 – 2005. But not only that ilk, also the more nu-metal sound as well. Here’s a few of my faves! To a lesser extent, but still one of my…


I am going to see Birdy. You are not. I win at life. 😛

It’s His Prerogative.

Some ask the question, why am I so real! I’d probably ask if he was happy with how he treated Whitney Houston during their marriage and about the allegations of domestic abuse that probably stemmed from alcoholism and substance abuse. That’s just me though. Actually, that’s something that’s worth discussing! I’ve always been able to…


I’m enjoying some Enya. What of it? Incidentally, now that I’m listening to this, all I can think about is that Volvo advert with Van Damme. Both below.

Song Wars 4.

2010 saw the release of Peter Gabriel’s “Scratch My Back” album. The premise was simple, 12 covers using only an orchestra and his vocals. The plan was the release another album along side it, with the 12 artists he covered, repaying the favour by covering one of his songs. That album is called “..And I’ll…

Britpop Showdown.

August 14th, 1995. Do you remember which you bought? Any idea what I’m talking about? Ok, so, August 14th 1995 was the release date of two singles. The first was ‘Country House’ by Blur, the second was ‘Roll With It’ by Oasis. Yes, this was the famous Battle of Britpop. Despite the lack of any…

Song Wars 3

So, we’ve covered a cover, and a cover/collaboration, now it’s time for an artist clearly drawing inspiration from a very definite place. You’ll see what I mean.