Damn Your Love, Damn Your Lies.

You know when you feel you SHOULD do something, but you really have no desire to do that thing? Essentially, that’s the quandary I find myself in. I SHOULD update my blog more often, with actual blog type posts, rather than just playlists, lyrics and off the cuff remarks, but I have ZERO desire to….

The Phrase That Pays.

My eyes can’t believe what they have seen. In the corner of your room you’ve stockpiled millions of my memories. Oh Doctor, Doctor, I must have gotten this sick somehow. I’m going to ask you a series of questions, And I want them answered on the spot, right now. “Is it serious?” “I’m afraid it…

+22 Agility: The Playlist Strikes Back.

When I write the blog, I put in tags and stuff in html in order to get the text centred, or a different colour, or whatever. The bulk of the text I have fully justified. Whenever I write the tag out to do this, my head goes “and they’re ancient”. Little insight into my stupid…


Not really though, I’m in Glasgow. Just trying out an Apple Mac. I miss mine. Used to love it.

Watch me original rub-a-dub style.

Again, I don’t know why I pick the titles I do, I just do. Mostly they’re samples from songs that for some reason I have a hard time forgetting. Then, for some reason, whilst typing that last sentence I had a blast of Ultimate Kaos running through my mind. Hoochie Bootie! They’re coming at you…

400 Came And Went.

The post I did a few days ago was actually the 400th post of this version of the site. Imagine that. I don’t think any version made it to that. 259 posts of a single song helped mind you. Whilst we’re on the subject of music, this post is very much set to the theme…


Been feeling an increased sense of my own impending, inevitable doom recently. Not sure why. At least you’re not boring. Thanks, Ellie?

Shit got real, yo.

Another post already, Chris?! Yep, stuff has happened and I wanted to talk about it. Deep and meaningful life events, Chris? Yes, I bought some new headphones and there’s a trailer out for Baby Driver. That’s right. Ever think about writing blog titles that make sense? Not at all. Let’s start with Baby Driver since…

Zelda, cocksuckers.

Just a quicky. This is by far the best Zelda video I’ve seen put out so far. It’s incredible.


No, not what you get fruit juice from. My abilities to remain focused on what I’m doing today are being tested beyond belief. Oddly, I don’t actually mind the job I’m doing at the moment. Keeping my concentration on it however is fraught with danger. Thankfully music is on my side today and I’ve been…

Huzzah, it works!

Image posting is fully working again. Still no clue what the issue was though. All the photos are back though so that’s what matters. Here’s a picture just for shits and giggles.

The Future. Or not.

What’s the future of the site now you’ve stopped the only regular feature? Mediocrity. That’s what! So, what’s new, Chris? The Nintendo Switch, mainly. Been playing plenty of Zelda, as that’s pretty much the only game available for it. Well, the only game that’s reasonably priced. I want Bomberman but I refuse to pay £50…